Sunday, 19 February 2012

Resin 1/144 - ALIENS - APC -


Some unknown resin APC i bought of ebay, don't know how accurate it is all how much i will have to remodel any of this but looks like quite a few bubbles and flash will need to be removed before i get anywhere near painting. At first i though that very little work would be need to get this painted but to my untrained eye when it comes to resin looks like i will be relying in MrSurfacer soon.

Such an awesome design, know there is a 1/144 resin Dropship out there bit i got the patients to wait for that one to come along as a injection model in the future, probable from Japan. Also remember seeing a 1/144 Narcissus from Halycon? but in early 90's.

Painting this should the easiest model ive ever done, it all dark green.



chrismandesign said...

the Alien 2 stuff is so iconic for me... i can watch that movie time and time again and will not get bored... i remember i have seen an U.S.S. Sulaco resin kit and i wanted it so bad, but now is virtually impossible to get, at least at a reasonable price (is not 1:144 obviously LOL)... in my opinion (of a rookie, of course) this guy needs a lot of work and seems a bit longer than the original, but i know is quite difficult to get something of this franchise in 1:144 scale, so congrats on this haul Ian... =)

bluedonkey99 said...

Is it a Bootleg copy of the Konami Alien APC, or just a good 'likeness'?

TonyG2 said...

It could be a recast of the APC that was included in the Fantastic Plastic drop ship kit.

Aoshima re-popped the Narcissus kit a few years ago and. I think, the 1/2500 Sulaco kit.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This is one kickass veh from the second movie of Aliens. One that is hard to find these days.

Ant Sized Man said...

Chris - I mostly like Aliens as my 2nd favorite sci-fi after Empire Strikes Back, mostly. The hardware in Aliens is second to none.

Bluedonkey + Tony - From a little research ive done after reading these comments i reckon this is a recast of te Fantastic Plastic kit, master my Alfred Wong i think, comparing it the original cast to this makes it look quite bad. Quite a bit of warping espeacially on the gun turrets.

Dennis - Strange how kickass Aliens collectibles are hard to come by being as awesome as they are.