Sunday, 5 February 2012

Eduard Super44 1/144 - MiG-21MF "Fishbed" - WiP assembled

Eduard Super44 1/144 - MiG-21MF "Fishbed" -  WiP assembled 1

After almost 24 hours since i started building the fantastic kit im almost ready to prime and paint! Due to a snow day here, what i was going to do this weekend got cancelled so almost a weekend of modelling, sweet.

Is a beauty of a kit to put together, everything fit perfectly and ive never seen such a perfect fit with the wings and canards, only one seam line to sand when all those where glued.

Added some detail to the cockpit and will have one with the spine behind the cockpit open showing the avionics, both have flaps down with one tail flap off centre, added buckles to the cockpit and that was about it, this is the first model where i didn't have to add plasticard as panel in the cockpit, already there with a perfect dashboard too, incredible!

Halfway through the build i noticed that even though this is a MF MiG-21, one of the paint options is SM which means i can paint one up in the beautifully simple sliverbird with the red star.

eduard 1/144 -  MiG-21MF "Fishbed" -  WiP 2

Getting the correct cockpit colour was a big pain, soviets certainly choose one random colour for there pilots to be surrounded by.


Matt said...

What did you finally use for the cockpit color?

Looking great!

Ant Sized Man said...

Matt, not too sure mixed so much paint together to get what i wanted but roughly 60 blue, 30 light green and the last 10 could be white.

Anonymous said...

That interior color is spot on! A much better mix than mine (Vallejo light blue and light green). Did you paint the seat green? Just wondering because the manual says to paint it grey and I have only seen pictures of greyish seats in MiG 21s ... By the way, fantastic idea to display the electronics behind the seat!

What paint jobs are you going for? I think I'll go with the Egyptian and the Slovak ones. Wanted to build the Vietnamese natural metal version first but I think I'll save the metal look for the SMT version that came out recently. There's a BIS coming too, right? So many MiGs ... :-)