Saturday, 25 February 2012

Real Grade 1/144 - RX-78-2 GUNDAM - WiP 3 - Panel lined + assembled


Took this photo of the first assemble about 4:30ish and by 5 o'clock had decided to repaint all the light grey panels to a even lighter shade of grey, reckon it should be more of 80's Tomcat ghost grey. Turns out the blue which i was never happy about is to me at the moment perfect.

Taking the grey pieces apart turned out to be quite difficult, this is a kit that seems like once it assembled remains so, almost broke a few pieces and infact broke out one of the ultra small Gatling guns off the head which will be fun getting that back in its place.

Light grey in this photo is about 60% white and 40% grey, recently repaint with more of a 80/20 mix which i hope is more like the 1/1.


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