Tuesday, 14 February 2012

[Kit Review] - FE Resin 1/144 - Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 -

[Kit Review] - FE Resin 1/144 - Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 - Box art

Been wanting to buy this kit of Hannants for years but was always over priced for me to actually buy, £25, over double what i would usually pay for a excellent injection kit dual combo. But got lucky as it was on sale and was able to get this little beauty from the now defunct FE Resin.

Really find a plane that pleasing to the eye, probable because it looks somewhat like a Hawker Hurricane with that very WW2 turret. Which caught some Luftwaffe by surprise as they sneaked in from the rear thinking these looked like Hurricane silhouettes.

[Kit Review] - FE Resin 1/144 - Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 - Parts + Decals

Except for the easily removed flash and a few bubble in the resin seams like a good cast and some of these part look like these been re-cast from the Sweet Hurricane? From looking at reference i reckon quite a few of the panel lines are wrong, looks like mostly on the wings

2 decals options one the standard RAF green and brown which i will probable model and cool looking all black night fighter.

Only 1 set of vacuum canopy's worries me, only one chance to get it correct, other FE Resin kits ive bought come with 2 sets.


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