Tuesday, 15 November 2011

U.C Hardgraph 1/144 - Type 74 Hover Truck / M353A4 Bloodhound - WiP


Time to get back to some modelling.

These neat little hover trucks came with the U.C Hardgraph 1/144 Ground War Set, not sure if this is called the Type 74 Hover Truck from 08th MS Team or M353A4 Bloodhound from MS Igloo?

 Lately ive really been into modelling the One Year War U.C Hardgraph style and been wanting to add a bit more detail to some of the 1/144 vehicle ive got and brought back from Japan. RG Zaku II and Wappa where the first i started and this weekend i added some more detail the the Hover Truck.

Ive added new railing, antenna, opened up one of the hatches, some wiring and covered up the back ramp, is a very detail little model and almost perfect against the line art, ive been copy the detailing on the 1/35 scale model.

Just now primed it and cause it so small should take now time to paint.


JF said...

Neat stuff, really cool design.

JFaria said...

Interesting miniature!

chrismandesign said...

i love these vehicle, you know i do... i’m anxious to paint mine... just waiting for thinners, on the way... i hope not to ruin them =)