Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bandai Ex Model 1/44 - DFA-03 Dopp - WiP

Bandai Ex Model 1/44 - DFA-03 Dopp - WiP - 1

Dopp is massive up against the RG Core Fighter!

Very easy to assemble kit, its all snap-fit. Since this photo was taken ive added a little bit more detail, mostly to the rear engine parts which was very sparse and tried to add some more panel lines which im really bad at.

Was meant to buy a BMC chisel in Japan but forgot to buy one for the panel line and outside Japan there rare and twice the price and they were expensive in Japan.

Started updating the cockpit which i think could still do with some more work, it turns out this is the most exposed cockpit ive built, the Dopp canopy is large and give a great look inside.

Bandai Ex Model 1/44 - DFA-03 Dopp - WiP - 2



chrismandesign said...

that’s a really nice vehicle!!! the details you already added are fantastic... i will be in tune =)

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers, i really like it too, also started to model the core fghter too.