Monday, 21 November 2011

[Kit Review] - Bandai Ex Model 1/44 - DFA-03 Dopp -


Time to start building some of  the kits i brought back from Japan, first starting with the smallest easiet kit.  This Dopp kit i knew existed  but did'nt expect to find but it turns out that the Bandai Ex kits are easily available in all the model shops i visited which really surprised me. Been wanting some of them for years but the price i find them for on the net is way too expensive for what i think of as a just a kit, but of coruse Japan being awesome you get a great selection at a great price.

Dopp is a great little fighter and looks really unusally as an aircraft due to it being designed inside a colony, apprantly it can reach mach 5. Not going to model it as Garma's Dopp instead im going for a 08th MS Team or M.S. Igloo standard green.

Nice little kit, all snap fit and perfect detail up aginst the line art, im going to have ago at adding some detail especially to the cockpit, comes with a real wide range of MSV sticker, with some cool nose art for the MS-07 Gouf and lots of ofther Zeon symbols and icons ive never seen or have any idea what for.



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