Sunday, 13 November 2011

Japan Trip 2011 - Day 3 - 9hour Capsule Hotel, Kyoto


One of the "to do list Japan" was to stay in capsule hotel, Japanese capsule hotels are kind of famous in the UK. After some research stumbled upon the awesome looking one in Kyoto which is cooler than i imagined. Lots i looked into in Tokyo look quite old and ive heard to get alot of drunk salarymen in them which i would rather avoid, other guest where mostly tourists and young cool Japanese.

Premise of 9hour is one hour to clean and get ready to sleep, seven hours of sleep then the final hour to wake, clean and leave.

I freaking loved it, i mean i found it a bit strange in the pod and didn't sleep anywhere near 7 hours, its like Kubrick's 2001 made real.





Youtube video below is what sold me on this capsule hotel, explains whats its about better than i could.

Always a plus when yu check in and the lass behind the counter is super cute ;)


chrismandesign said...

yeah, Kubrick’s 2001 is an awesome and disturbing movie and i saw that bedroom concept in subsequent movies... don’t you feel like a gashapon ??? LOL... i love the minimal design, is so clean and ordered, it’s something pretty logical... i guess it would take some time to get used but is a must where space is a luxury... =O

LEon said...

I always want to try that out but japanese friend said it is not good. Now I know 9hr is good.LOL btw where is the picture of the cute lass?