Friday, 22 July 2011

Prefectural Earth Defense Force

Totally random but very funny parody anime i just watched, how and when i got this is a mystery. Just takes the stab at every anime/manga during the 80's and surprisingly with this sort of comedy anime the animation is top notch, great intro sci-fi space battle and some sweet action during the entire show.

Bascially it about the evil Telephone Pole Company? wanting to take over the world but they reckon they have more intelligence than your run of the mill evil organisation.  So after seeing so many bad guys fail in anime who go directly to the capital Tokyo these this lot dicide to start with the outlying Prefectures, in response the anime cliche teenage heroes are recruited from the nearest school to oppose them. Sounds silly, is, but was seriously funny to someone who's watched so much 80's anime.

Pink hair girl is a total cutie Baradagi, whose only evil during the Telephone Pole Company working hours, after that shes a normal cutie with a real out of place hair cut.


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