Friday, 29 July 2011

Revell + Academy 1/144 - MiG-29 Fulcrum "Polish Air Force" - Completed -

Revell + Academy 1/144 - MiG-29 Fulcrum "Polish Air Force" - Completed - 1

Heres the MiG-29 Fulcrum i really like, a more modern version the Fulcrum in the cool light grey, dark grey camo of the Polish Air Force or Air Forces of the Polish Republic in their native tongue.

Nose i fell is still not right from certain angles but overall this one i like. Got some cool weapons on there from the Dragon kit, most of the cockpit is from the Academy kit with my favorite ejection seat done so far and an upgraded engines. Might be crazy enough to redo the the nose and make this into a small dio.


Top view show the camo pattern, also see quite abit of panel scribing i did.


All the very nice DML Dragon weapons with pylons from the same kit are very accurate. For some reason the underneath of the Revell kit is really detail?

Canopy not glue, so you can see the computer behind the ejection seat.


The more modern tail design using the DML Dragon kit i think, can't quite remember know, really tried to paint the engines in different shades of silver/chrome.


Polish decals came form a Attack MiG-21 kit i had in my stash for a while, got to remember to have the red square always to the right.


Now i need a good Su-27 Flanker, best Russian jet ever!


Igor said...

Really nice! Like the color scheme. What do you use for panel wash?

Anonymous said...

Marvellous! Like it even better than the Russian version. Did the Polish insignia come with the kit?

Concerning the Su-27: You might want to wait for the new Trumpeter relase, as the kits currently available all have similar flaws like the MiG-29 kits (undersized, incorrect nose cone). If you don't want to wait, I think the F-Toys version is your best option. I myself am not too keen on those ready-made kits. If you want a "real" kit, go for the Dragon release. Though be warned it's really off scale - too small.

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers all!
Igor - I use Promodellers Wash, i like it but if your going to use it makie sure to give your model a couple coats of gloss, otherwise it will ruin your model. Read yesterday that Tamiya are ggoing to release there own panel line paint. Tamiya Panel Accent, not release yet but im looking forward to it.

Anon - Polish decals came form a Attack kit, each of there kit usually come with 5/6 soviet marking options.

Yeah heard about the Trumpeter kit, wonder how long until its out, have never be able to find there Su-37. Got na J-wing Flanker but not a fan, would rather build a proper model of that beauty.

chrismandesign said...

i find this guy as good looking as the previous... the panel wash is something i should try for kits like the Magella attack, cuz the gundam liners r too bold, the problem is that panel wash is not available in my country... BTW i thought that the panel wash was previous to the gloss/mate lacker layer =O

Dunari said...

Hallo from Poland :)
Love your new MIGs, especially with decals from my countr :)

Good work!

Ant Sized Man said...

Chris - Gloss before Wash, otherwise it will totally ruin your model, done it myself and seen other modeller do it. You have to do a another protective afterwards to protect the wash and it usually the fine coat and spary what finish you want, matte or gloss.

Dunari - Cool, glad you like. Your country MiG-29 rock!

pelm said...

Nice Mig-29!