Sunday, 30 September 2012

New Project = 1/144 U.C. HARDGRAPH X REAL GRADE

U.C. Hardgraph X Real Grade Project

This has been a something ive been thinking of doing for almost over a year, a 1/144 scale U.C. Hardgraph project using various models, scratch building and the excellent Real Grade kits to build a 1/144 U.C. Hardgraph world.

First idea is to reproduce all the awesome 1/35 scale kit in the U.C. Hardgraph range as 1/144 scale models, which a few i already gotten all across different ranges, all made by Bandai. Since the last year ive been collecting and even started a few kits, some seen here which have all appeared in M.S IGLOO 2, which is the U.C. Hardgraph flagship and my main reference point for all the gear to model. Along with the manga The Iron Mustang ive been getting some great inspiration for my new project and trying to find models which are U.C. Hardgraph or can be converted into U.C. Hardgraph style models.

High on the list of "to do" are rivals from the episode "King of the Land, Forward!"
An Real Grade MS-06F as a MS-06J "White Orge" and to detail the Type 61 twin barrel tank from the HG Zaku Ground War Set.

Time to learn how to do real scratch building and get some weathering practice, U.C Hardgraph has some really dirty gear.

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