Saturday, 29 September 2012

Eduard Super44 1/144 - MiG-21MF "Fishbed" - WiP ready to paint

Eduard Super44 1/144 - MiG-21MF "Fishbed" -  WiP ready to paint

One of the MiG-21's all ready to be painted, going to go for the simple silver finish with the red stars which when i think of a MiG-21 is always is what i picture.

The canopy masks which come with the kit a fantastic, fit the clear panels perfectly and made masking very very quick, hope eduard can start a trend with other manufactures with these.

Want to get this, the first Super44 kit completed before any others are released so i can keep up with each eduard release which i plan on buying one of each since there so damn good.

Next new mold is a SPITFIRE!!!!

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Dazzio said...

I got one of these in my stash too. I'm very impressed with the kit as an whole. The extra decals will be good for other models too. :) I'm pretty sure Eduard do an Junkers Ju-52 and I'm not sure if its an Ju-87 or an Me-109... Have you looked into one of those?? The model looks good btw, looking forward to seeing it finished. I always think of Vietnam or Polish colours when I think of the Fishbed. Weird huh??