Sunday, 23 September 2012

[Kit Review] - Trumpeter 1/144 - Northrop YF-23 -

[Kit Review] - Trumpeter 1/144 - Northrop YF-23 - Box art

Bought a bunch of of 1/144 Trumpeter kit recently and this is the first one i want to model. Always thought the YF-23 looked alot cooler the the YF-22 with its small wings and long neck, really unique looking flyer.

Not many part but what there is looks good, hope those big parts fit together nicely as that basically the build. Decals look fine, have 1999 copyright on them, wonder of the kit is that old?

[Kit Review] - Trumpeter 1/144 - Northrop YF-23 -  Sprues   Decals

From what ive looked at the panel lines are nearly all present and quite accurate. All the trumpeter kits i bou8ght have the same sort of panel line, just like sweet and revell have there own unique style of lines, trumpeter's seem to be quite deep but a little soft.

[Kit Review] - Trumpeter 1/144 - Northrop YF-23 - Sprue detail

Typo i reckon, YF-22 was the Lightning II. Scheme you can do is "Grey Ghost" but reckon you can use the decal to do the other prototype "Black Widow".

[Kit Review] - Trumpeter 1/144 - Northrop YF-23 - Paint scheme

Looking at the kit think this should be an easy build, easy to assemble and a really easy paint scheme unless i choose a "what if" pattern.


Dunari said...

This is a good kit for good price and unlike Revell YF-23, Trumpeter is stil available :)
This kit has few mistakes. Like strange canopy and nose. In my version, I modified air intakes. In box version they're closed.
Hope to see some cool paint scheme :) Mine is in light and dark gray.
Full instruction can be found HERE

Dazzio said...

I got this kit too, I ordered it the same time as the F-22 also from Trumpeter. Altho, I was very disappointed by this kit when compared to the F-22. Now that I think about it, the date on the box was after the F-22 which confused the hell out of me (I can''t confirm it as I'm not at my house right now). I was thinking of cutting out the "bomb-bay" once I get around to making mine. I'm gonna keep an eye on this build. :)

Anonymous said...

If/when you get around to doing this kit, ASM, do it as a Whif.

I did it and I realllly didn't like the decals that came with it.