Friday, 1 June 2012

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - WiP 3 - Leg modelling done.

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - WiP 5 - Leg modelling done.

Got what i thought would be the most difficult part of this build completed, until i prime and see all the defects that is.

Filling all the spaces where the boosters and cable on the MS-06 Zaku II are which are absent on the MS-05 was the easier part, then getting these new parts to fit flush with the existing model is what took time, lots of delicate sanding hoping that i wouldn't take away too much and have to start over again.

Thigh part took the most time, making the outside thigh look like the inside and fitting correctly when moving, whew glad that done. Looking at it now i realise i didn't extend the existing panel line.

Torso, shoulder guard and legs done, still to go, head, backpack, weapons and maybe the shield.

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goodguydan said...

I did something similar with my RG Zaku, but I decided to keep all of those thrusters and details. Looks like you're doing a lot of the same things in other areas though. Nice job!