Sunday, 17 June 2012

Museum of Berkshire Aviation

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 1

Recently visited the very local Museum of Berkshire Aviation which is only a 20 minute cycle from my home and for some reason have never visited. Small museum on the site of the old Woodley Aerodrome which is now a just house but the area of Woodley basically started out as a airfield. Most of the aircraft and displays are from Phillips & Powis and Miles Aircraft companies from during the WW2 period to later Handley Page (Reading) Ltd and by Fairey Aviation.    

Found this article which has a good review of whats on display.

Fairey Gannet in the process of being restored.                              

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 2

Fairey Jet Gyrodyne      

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 3

Quite a few local built helmets, if i remember rightly the middle shelf, far left is a TSR-2 helmet, cool.

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 4

Lots of little display and the top of the Westland Scout in Empire Test Pilot School colours.

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 5

Quite a few displays about Douglas Bader, unfortunatley the Woodley Aerodrome is famous for being one of the places Bader lost a leg.   

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 6

Miles M.100 Student, only one built and being restored.  

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 7

R.A.E. – Vickers Transonic Research Rocket to the right and at tha back of the hanger the sliver Miles M.25 Martinet.

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 8

Westland Scout in Empire Test Pilot School colours and was surprised to see it and those famous colours here.                              

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 9

After the main spitfire factory got bombed during the war, production was moved to various smaller factories around the country and some where even built in Reading which i never knew.

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 10

Fairey Gannet engine with original Royal Navy yellow.                                                              

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 11

Fairey Gannet

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 12

Handley Page Dart Herald

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 13

Handley Page Dart Herald cockpit.

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 14

Handley Page Dart Herald, a royal interior.

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 15

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 16

The Bader Way named and open i believe by the man himself, all the roads in Woodley are named after Aircraft or Aviators famous to the area.

Museum of Berkshire Aviation - 17



Dazzio said...

Nice pictures there, however the hangar floor looks a little cluttered. Can you actually walk around the planes? Loved the Handley Page Dart Herald, the interior looks very comfy. I've actually been in the BAe125 CC3 and the BAe 146 CC2 of 32 Sq when I done my work experience at RAF Northolt and their departure lounge. Those where very posh planes and very high class. :)


Ant Sized Man said...

Yo yeah it is very busy, only room for you to walk single file around the display and get up close to the aircraft.
The Handley page here is a Royal plane, used to fly The Duke of Edinburgh on tour.

Dazzio said...

I've just been reading up on the Herald and found out it was the one that used to be at Southend Airport (about 5 miles from me). I kinda remember the paintwork on it, but not where from. There is also a Vulcan at Southend, they are trying to get it airworthy like XH558. Southend is also famous for being the resting place of the only airworthy TSR-2... it was used as target practice, not sure if that's at Duxford tho.

Speaking of the TSR-2, that helmet looks a lot like the one for the U-2, then again I guess it would have to be for what that beauty was designed for. The helmet on the middle shelf far right looks like the one for the F-35 (IF it ever flies/enters service).

Still a very cool trip, might have to check it out if I am ever in Reading. :)