Friday, 28 January 2011

Trumpeter Rivet Maker


 Something i wanted to try on the TA-7C Corsair II to replicate the marking on F-toys A-7E but the metal wheels which you use to make the rivet with are far too big for 1/144 single fighters might be better on a airliner. Is kinda disappointing as i bought this and it looks like i will probable never use it again, better using a sewing needle or something similar

Mr Surfacer on the resin kit worked great, mainly the under surface of the wing which was pot marked with lots of bubbles in the resin and in appears to have worked. Lets hope they don't suddenly appear when i give the jet a panel wash.

TA-7C, A-7E, F-14A, F-14D and the Hawkers Hunter all ready for paint, which if i'm lucky i can set up the airbrush on Sunday.


1 comment:

koz said...

I want rivet maker for 1/144 scale,too!

I tried to make rivet by needle.
But it went wrong...