Saturday, 15 January 2011

Fantastic Adventure Of Yohko: Leda

 Genmu Senki Leda in the original Japanese, great little OVA about a high school student Yohko who travel to another world because of the music she created for a boy shes in love with who doesn't know it. Her music is a gateway between these two worlds where shes has a fantastic adventure and ends up saving both worlds while wearing the anime standard female armor (less is more protective).

Found the anime quite charming myself and really surprised that i would enjoy a sword and sorcery genre anime, defiantly a sci-fi mecha fanboy myself and yeah, cute Yohko was a pleasure to watch with her sideways ponytail. Great chracter design by Inomata Mutsumi, who i was surprised to find out was a lady, was expecting a bloke to created such a character.


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chrismandesign said...

it looks like a very classic anime, at least for the character design... i didn’t know anything bout it, but the fact that it was created by a woman, definitely gives it an special charm =)