Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Vallejo Model Air - New acrylics for the airbrush.

Vallejo Model Air - New acrylics for the airbrush.

Big fan of acrylics and after some research discovered these Model Air paints from Vallejo which i always thought made paint for wargaming.

Started with the basic colour set and if they work out i'll buy a few more. Also got soe thinner just in case and got some cleaner on the way.

Great little feature is how they come in a eyedropper, hopefully no spills with these.

Will be trying them out tomorrow i hope.



eviltediz43 said...


I use vajello acrylics as well and I will be very interested to compare the color palette you use to mine. So far though, I've not made a Rick Dom. I look forward to that big ole' nasty beam bazooka though! :D

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers, Have you used the Air before? Any Tips would be great on your blog.

Been trying to comment on your blog but can't seem to be able to, any chance you can change the set-up for comments so that it looks familar to mine instead if the OpenID which i can't get to work.

eviltediz43 said...

The biggest thing I can say about the vajello model air line is that it's a bit of a "beauty queen" if you will. Acrylic paints are a lot more sensitive to conditons, so a two-action airbrush is absolutely vital as well as being able to make minute adjustments to your air pressure. Once you get them working though, I find they provide a thinner and more flexible coat than whatever the other colors use (enamels, oils?). Washes, drybrushing, and all that other hoo-hah just seem to look better on acrylics.

Of course the main advantage is that you can thin with water! This has disadvantages as well though. Make sure to keep your airbrush well hydrated, because acrylics will dry out really quickly. I have a lucky model airbrush (Aztek A470) where I can separate my nozzles (where most of the paint will dry) from my O-ring(a part that can't go in water). Because of that, I simply keep my heads in wet storage when not in use. It also mean I only need one airbrush too!

And strange, I'll look into that about my blog.

eviltediz43 said...

Alright, it was supposed to let OpenID users comment. At any rate, I've opened it to anonymous users as well so you should have the permissions to do that at least.

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers, gonna have ago at the model air today so will see how that turns out.

Had a look at the Aztek A470, one cool looking piece of a equipment.