Thursday, 11 February 2010

"I need a King. Kingu, Kingu - Overman King Gainer - YEAH!!"

Do the monkey! Basically the main reason i watched the great anime was because of the quality intro, got to be one of my all time favorite. I mean you got Yoshiki Fukuyama providing the awesome song to the female characters dancing along doing the monkey. Genius.

I mean check the intro out, once i discovered it, i got addicted.

Not much more to say except that i  enjoy it and it entertained me. Really like the hcracter design, nice soft features. Very happy for a Yoshiyuki Tomino anime, no main or secondary chracter die, which i think is a first for me with his work. 
Animation level goes from very good, to quite bad, example being episode 18 which looked like it been sub-contracted to a cheeper animation studio, which is a shame as its distracting.


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LEon said...

I have this revoltech toy but I never really watched the anime. I got it because the toy look way too cool. LOL Thanks for sharing. :)