Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Star War The Clone Wars - Clone Commanders -

All the clone commanders from hasbro that ive so far bought Clone Commander Gree, Clone Commander Cody and Clone Captain Rex.

Really like these figures, so much better than the on i had like 10 years ago but then they where half the price.

Lovin Season 2 of The Clone Wars, which i now get to watch on which has changed since season 1 which i think was only available in USA.

Clone Commaders 1

Clone Commaders 2

Clone Commaders 4


LEon said...

After looking at your photo, I am liking the clone war clone commanders. LOL

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Vibrant when you put them together. The last pic on the different poses is brillant! I bet there will be more that you will buy.

Ant Sized Man said...

Had to stop myself today from buying more, otherwise i would be overun.