Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Clone Wars: Commander Cody

The Clone Wars 3 3/4 Commander Cody 1

Never thought i would ever get a another 3 3/4 inch star wars figure ever again after i spent so much of money on them years ago then having a mssive collection that was too big to be displayed and a paint to dust.

But i traded this with a fellow star wars fanboy for one of the many double of the 1/144 vehicles i have.

The Clone Wars 3 3/4 Commander Cody 2

Really a nice looking figure and a massive improvement over the ones i uses to own. Looks like he jumped off the screen, reckon the hasbro used the computer 3D model to create this guy.

Has a cool removable helmet with a excellant portrait of Cody underneath with scars. Was expecting more aticulation, can't really pull off any cool battle poses but i guess if more joints where added the overall look of the figure would no longer look the way the clones look in the series.

The Clone Wars 3 3/4 Commander Cody 3

Traded another 1/144 item for Captain Rex which should arrive soon and want to get Commander Gree but will have to buy him, only trouble with Gree is the cost £7.99, for a Star Wars action figure seems alot to me, thats more than most of the gunplas i purcahsed.



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Figure has quite good articulation. Nice shots taken.

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers, been reading the manual that came with my camera so im hoping th photos start to look better.