Thursday, 1 October 2009

Star Wars - Republic Commando

Republic Commando - Delta Squad

Republic Commando
, first game ive completed in about a year and such good fun. Been playing this maybe 2 hours a week in the X-Box 360. Remember this game coming out half way between the release of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith but had a PlayStation 2 back then and this was for X-Box.

Even though the graphic arnt up to what ive been getting use to on the 360 the game is still great fun to play, lovin all the military banter between the commandos of Delta Squad.

$ Clone Commandos in Delta Squad all with there unique ability, only get to play as the Boss.

Starts off with you being trained as a clone commando then move on to the first playable mission the first battle of The Clone Wars;

Genosis, starts at the beginning in the arena (cool concept art i found below) then moving on to winning the battle which you don't really get to see much of in the movie.

Republic Commando concept art

Next mission is on a Republic attack ship which went missing a month ago and has appeared in the outer rim, Delta squad go to investigate and discover that its Trandoshan's who are in league with the separatist. Lots of cool battle where you have to repel invading droids.

Then there the best part, Kaahyyyk, home of the wookie. Go to as a stealth team to find out what going on with the planet. Turn out the Trandoshan's are enslaving the wookie with separatist support. Got to rescue Tarfful who is chewbacca cousin who appears in ROTS, which then leads to the start of the battle for Kashyyyk which you get to see concluded in the ROTS.

Yoda make a cameo at the end congratulating Delta Squad.

Republic Commando: Liberate We Must, Mmmm

Really hope a sequel would be in the works "Imperial Commando" set in the dark time between episode III and IV, did seem to have a ending which implied a sequel could be made.


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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I sure like costume and drawing. Always like the clone and star troopers!