Monday, 26 October 2009

Japan Centre @ Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's West End

Japan Centre @ Piccadilly in the heart of London's West End

After i finished with the expo i made a b-line for the Japan Centre before it closed. Which i was worried i would not make in time with the 45 minute tube journey due to maintaince on the underground happens on the weekend. Didn't know this place existed until i read about it on super blogger expat Danny Choo.

It a cool shop with lots of sweet Japanese stuff which i would have liked to buy right there and then but getting to the shop only 10 minutes before it closed meant i had to rush to get Genki Japanese text books. The run along to there food store around the corner and buy some Miso soup paste and other stuff which i completely forgot to buy as i was in a rush. Going to order what i want over the net instead.

Not too sure about it being quite Japanese Value Store seemed very expensive to me but then it is all ships from Nihon.

Piccadilly Circus is one of the busiest place in London, certainly a good location for a shop.

Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's West End 1

At the very end of the day the clear skies.

Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's West End 2

Coke Cola have always had the top biggest neon sign.

Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's West End 3

Halfway though the tube journey had to change trains from one station to the next and walk overground which just so happened to go past the Tower of London, where many a famous historical people through Britain's history have either been imprisoned or beheaded or both.

Walking past the Tower of London


LEon said...

Nice landscape photography. Very refreshing. How long you been staying in London?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Japan Centre in the heart of London. Cool! The place look really neat and clean. Is that a castle in the last pic?

Ant Sized Man said...

LEon, i live ourside of London, away from all the madness of the big city. Got excellant train links where i am which means i can get into there really easily.

Dennis, sure is a castle and really impressive when i saw it. Plan to visit it the Tower of London sometime in the future, quite an important building historically.