Saturday, 24 October 2009

London Anime MCM Expo 2009

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 1

Went to this today, one of the rare times i jounrney from my rural living to the big city Lon Don. MCM Expo is i think the UK biggest Film, Game and Anime convetion i the UK and seems to be getting bigger every year. Had really good weather all week but being Britian you just know that its going to be typical grey overcast and rainy when you want to go to anything your excited about.

Took me over 2 hours to get there, then it was almost a 3 hour wait in a the biggest queue ive ever been in, photos show the UK biggest indoor area and that where the biggest queue was aswell. Lesson learn't next year buy in advance.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - One long Queue 1

That guy with the green hat from the Momins?

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - One long Queue 2

Freaking wicked Warthog from Halo, appreantly built for a fan film which is amazing feat. Going to get the ODST game when it reduce in price a little.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Halo Warthog

Stormtroopers, at nearly every event where you can cosplay and always awesome, 501st Leagion "Vader Fist"

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 Stormtrooper!

Ranka Lee, too damn cute, wish i got some more photos of just her and some decent weather. Lovely.


Ghostbusters Ecto-1, super cool. Also had a Back to the Future DeLorean but some sort of event near it so i could'nt get near. Dragonball Z game in the background but becasue of how many people there where i did'nt really want to wait around for a space to play.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 Ghostbuster Ecto-1

The Doctor's Tardis, the luminus green sign says £5 for a photo with the Tradis, just took this one instead.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Tardis

Looking forward to Avatar, going to Imax to see this, only ever seen Imax films about Dinosaur and Under see Creatures at the Sinence Museum. Was cool and the size of the screen was a shocker.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 1

Amazing Republic Commando, talk about taking cosplaying to the next level.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Republic Commando

Only took me about 2 hours to have alook around the event, the outside to see all the crazy young cosplayer run around "Free Hug" each other.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - The old dockland cranes

During the Star Wars Celebration 2 years ago, alol us Star Wars fans watched s A new Hope outside on the green there, it wasa great sunny august day to watch one of my favorite films surrounded by other star wars fans.


Opening Ceremonies Overhead

Did'nt really take that much photos, my DSLR is too damn big, so i would just put it in my backpack and forget to take any pics. Took this before i left, when the cosplayers started to come out in force and "Free Hug" each other.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Cosplayers start to go outside and hug each other.



LEon said...

OMG!!! That's look really fun!! I will go crazy if I see an lifesize ecto 1 and back to the future car!! I'm already going crazy now! Envy you bro!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for sharing with us. The real Ghostbusters car and Halo jeep are way too cool! It's a beautiful place and scenery to hold the event and the attendance seems overwhelming.

The open concept of screen playing Starwars really gives it carnival like atmosphere.

Not forgetting the charming cosplayers especially Ranka & Alto.

Ha! Ha! I'm speaking as though I'm actually there. I'll be in trans mode if I'm there.

Ant Sized Man said...

Thanks for the great feedback.

Next time i go i think i will take alot more photos, seemed to not take alot of what i thought was cool.

Anonymous said...

awsome i was there in my gothic lolita/ misa anime costume