Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Gundam MS Igloo 2 - The Gravity Front

MS Igloo 2 - The Gravity Front 1

Got the sequel to the awesome MS Igloo watched super quick as it only a 3 episode OVA. Gundam MS Igloo 2 - The Gravity Front refers to the Zeon offensive which took the war from space and the colonys to earth after Operation British and this time take the point of view of the solider from the Earth Federaton instead of Zeon like in the first series which i was expecting.

MS Igloo 2 - The Gravity Front 4

First episode is the start of The Gravity Front Shoot at that Death! Zeon is invading earth a in German World War 2 Bliztrieg styli with the feddies running away after the Zaku II dominate the battle field. Then it up to a feddie officer to take on 3 Zaku with some missile launcher which is quite a feet to take on. Not much of a happy ending for anyone Zeon or Federation but some awesome mecha action.

MS Igloo 2 - The Gravity Front 3

Second episode is a half way into the Gravity Front offensive, King of the Land, Forward! Zeon are kicking but with there Zakus while the Federation are stuck with the EFGF’s Type-61 which is one cool assault tank but not much against a mobile suit. Big baddie of this episode is Zeon ace Elmer Snell’s with hi cool looking white Zaku, White Ogre. Good guy is feddie veteran Hermann Yandel with is customed Type 61. Brilliant episode with awesome duel between tank and zaku, no happy ending again.

MS Igloo 2 - The Gravity Front 2

Third and finale episode is the last great battle in The Gravity Front, Odessa, Iron Storm! Zeon are about to get kicked back into space with this super epic episode. The heroine this time is a Federation office is accused of being a spy, Arleen Nazon who pilot an really wicked looking RTX-440 Ground Assault Type Guntank in Operation Odessa. Has alot of action in this one with alot of weapons and mobile suits, Zaku 1 and 2's, GM's, Gaw carriers, Type-61's, Big Tray Class Command Vehicle, Zeon hover bikes, Skygrasper, Gouf, Rik Doms and this big ass Zeon ground command vehicle Dabude. Was a truly awesome episode but then again no happy ending.

Has 2 character who appear in all 3 epsiode The War God of Death or it could be Death God and Federation officer Corremata, both of which i find creepy.

Great watch and recommend if you want to watch some great mecha action with no massive plot which look great it the CG, kinda weird expression on the human character's, not quite sure anime overreaction work with realistic looking CG people.

Only dream my gunpla could look as good as the suits in this.


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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Awesome review of Gundam MS Igoo 2. I have not watch it yet. Still waiting for it's DVD to be out with English dubbed.