Saturday, 12 September 2009

District 9

District 9

Went and watched this last night and it was great, like unexpectedly great. Really had no idea what the film was about because i intentionally avoided reading any articles and reviews so that i didn't ruin what i was going to see.

I watched the short film Alive in Joburg a long time ago so i knew that it would be about alien refugees living in slums, which gave the film a super realistic looking backdrop.

District 9

The aliens where really quite amazing and so realistic, the way there eyes looked kinda reminder me of Transformers Bumblebee, especially the child, which for some reason i seamed to notice straight away. They love cat food, which i hate, smell of the stuff to me is blah!.

All the alien weapons i the film where really cool if not a bit nasty to the guy which get shot, they all felt like the weapons that you get a computer games which do nasty things to your enemy.

And there was a Mecha, which was one of of the highlights, that makes 3 films this year with mecha in Transformer 2, Terminator Salvation and now District 9. Like the weapons this looked like it also could be in a computer game with its awesome array of weaponry and it has anime style missiles, not alot which i was hoping for but still very cool to see upon the big screen.

Entire film where South African and aliens of course, which i think is the first time ive watched a movie set there, really unique accent they have, a cross between English and Dutch. Got to wonder if the place is as dirty as the film looked.


Here's the original which i watched again after seeing the movie, hope the film gets a sequel, District 10 maybe.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Just watched the 6 minutes long preview. Just like watching documentary. Very realistic!

LEon said...

Look really realistic. THanks for the intro.