Sunday, 26 July 2009

Vader Invasion: 1/6 ESB Darth Vader custom

Hurricane custom 1/6 ESB Darth Vader 4

Most most prized piece in my collection a 1/6 scale 14 inch tall The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader with light-up chest and belt and the best part light-up cathode light saber.

Part of the Vader Invasion being hosted by Leon at Open The Toy. Cool event which i though would be great to join more into the blogging community.

Built my an amazing 1/6 scale artist who go's by the name Hurricane who i have not seen around much these day and can no longer find his website, did read that once 1/6 Vaders are available through a company he would stop building them.

Took about 2 years for this to be built which i received about a year ago i reckon, it cost me 3 Hot Toys Aliens Colonial Marines from what i remember.

When asked what i wanted it was easily the ESB version which is always the best as Vader was super bad in that film with something different a evil Sebastian Shaw head without eyebrow, what i got was amazing. Imagine that evil face under the mask when Vader choking anyone that annoys him. Check out all the metal part which must have taken ages to make and assemble.

Hurricane custom 1/6 ESB Darth Vader Evil Shaw 1

Super accurate helmet, i myself don't know any difference between the various versions, all i wanted it to be was shiny and to come apart ala Return of the Jedi when Luke removes it.

Hurricane custom 1/6 ESB Darth Vader 10

Light-up chest plate with Aerubesh Star Wars letters, can be translated but have not done so for some reason, cool lights on the belt as well.

Hurricane custom 1/6 ESB Darth Vader Chest detail 3

The lightsaber is made from a Cathode that can go into a computer to pimp it up.

Hurricane custom 1/6 ESB Darth Vader 9

All the clothing has been had sewn,the cape is a real work of art.

Hurricane custom 1/6 ESB Darth Vader 7

Boots are real leather and i think all the armor is made resin.

Hurricane custom 1/6 ESB Darth Vader 4

Thats 1 of the 2 Vader i own.

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LEon said...

This is the first time I saw this version of Vader. Even the chest button light up. Cool!