Sunday, 12 July 2009

Eureka seveN: Pocket Full of Rainbows

Eureka seveN Pocket Full of Rainbows

Watched this last night and though it was really enjoyed it. Would say that if you had not seen E7 before then it would be somewhat confusing.

Instead of being a direct sequel to the original series it more of a parallel universe sort of story where the lots of things are the same like characters, mecha, the way the world looks but the story is quite different.

Has quite alot of scenes from the anime but there played out differently. The change in the chracter Hap surprised me the most and how Nirvash is a baby fairy before becoming the uber-cool mech.

Would really like to build the military KLF from this, one of the vehicles that has not been released which i think a shame.

Had some cool Macross references like the dog fight near the end which looked like it came from macross plus and the massive spaceship that will transport humans away from earth is called the Megaroad!


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