Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Dragon Ball Z : Goku and Piccolo Driving Lessons

Dragon Ball Z : Goku and Piccolo Driving Lessons 1

Out and about at the weekend gone and something that i never see here in a UK was one of those machine were after putting £1 you turn the handle and get a little toy, not sure what there called? The ones which they had where Dragon Ball Z which immediately got my attention as its something you don't see much of here.

Got my money out and got a real result as i got the one i wanted, which is Son Goku and Piccolo-San in a car from a filler episode i remember really enjoying. Rest of the bunch, think i got one of the best.

Dragon Ball Z : Goku and

Got the one i wanted straight off so walked away happily, great little toy and really good quality for how much it cost. Taking it to work to put on the desk. Great expression and sweat/worried drops.

Best 2 minutes from the entire episode.....



LEon said...

I didn't know you are a DB fan too. I wish I had that too.

I have been doing some Dragonball tuesday over at my toy blog for some time but stop for the month of July. :D

Ant Sized Man said...

More of a DB-Z fan, was the first anime that was broadcast in the UK that i remember getting into.

Cool Dragonball stuff, really liking the look of the scouters, those are cool.

driving lessons ashford kent said...

I'm a massive DB-Z fan so I would have definately done the same. Great episode and you definately got the best toy out of the machine. Walter.

Anonymous said...

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nestor said...

Cool post! Thanks for sharing this one. I have been looking for this video / episode too. I hope that I could also buy that kind of toy. I want to include that in my collection.
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