Friday, 26 April 2013

Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - Completed -

Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - Completed 1 -

The completed MS-06FS Zaku II custom for Garma Zabi, the FS type might have been the commander Zaku before the S type. Every things the same as the F type except for the more powerful backpack which eventually was used on the S type and 4 kickass Vulcans cannons on the head for close combat. All painted in Garma Zabi personal colours just like his Dopp.

Got myself a 1/144 scale Garma Zabi in his flight suit, Heat-Hawk came from the HGUC kit along which the holster, spike on the shoulder guards extended and sharpened.

Really like the orange paint i used, was worried it would look too bright but the Vallejo Air Orange straight from the bottle was perfect, used the same dark green as i would on the F Zaku body so when displayed together the look like companions in arms.

Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - Completed 2 -

Love a Zaku II shield, all my RG Zaku shield will follow the same pattern:
Zeon symbol at the top this one is actually the Earth Ocupatiuon Force Zeon logo, then a personal logo or nose art below this one being the Zabi Seal (from the MSV Zaku II  Minelayer, to be modelled soon), then the personal number, 401 same as Garma's Dopp, followed below by the rank insignia (both Char and Garma are lieutenants but Garma being also a commander i added the 2 dashes pointing upwards to add superior rank to Aznable. Always have the warning markings at the top and bottom to "frame" the shield.

Green added to the centre of the shield even thought it not on the original MSV art so that the red on the Zabi Seal would be visible and not washed out, was not sure when i originally painted it but now quite like it.

Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - Completed 3 -

From behind you can see easily see what the FS is, an ungraded F type but not quite a S type. Has the more powerful backpack from the S type but still the vernier on the legs from the F type.

Kickass custom Heat-Hawk, like all dictators and their family member, got to have some weaponry cast in Gold or chrome. Egomaniacs.

Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - Completed 4 -

Added very little weathering, thinking that in the TV series Garma never used a Mobile Suit and preferred his Dopp and being the Earth Occupation Forces commanders personal Zaku would be kept clean and ready for what i reckon would be formal occasion's, also get the felling that Garma was never really a good MS pilot.

Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - On Parade

My first MSV, and first Zaku outside of the original series but not the last.


Dan Marks said...

That looks great! Your work on these RG Zakus really makes me want to build another! Keep up the great work!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This is damn nice! cool decaling. I always think the four vulcans and axe of Zabi Custom made great addition to the basic Zaku