Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 3 - Progress

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 3 - Progress

All going quite smoothly so far with the Sniper. From the top:

Head - Filled in the gap where the cables go in the mouth pieces and started to cut out the top for the enhanced mono-eye.

Chest - Filled the small panels on either side of the chest, got the HGUC chest pieces fitted and removed the "nipples" to make my own. Buckle added but not sure if i'll use that yet.

Arms - Thought the left shoulder from the HGUC set look better than scratch building a new onto the existing set and increased the size of the wrist. Reckon the bulkier wrists means a steadier hand when sniping?

Legs - Was the first parts i started on but since then have bought proper Tamiya yellow epoxy which is superior to the grey-stuf i used and manged to save the parts i originally ruined.

Started but waiting to be worked on are the backpack, shoulder guard, collaps ible strut for the knee which im having a little trouble with and the sniper rifle.


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