Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Revell 1/144 - F-16A Fighting Falcon - WiP 1


Started modelling Revell latest 1/144 kit just last week, released was a F-16C but the kit comes with all the parts to model the F-16A which is lucky as the only decals i could find which i like are from the first production vipers.

Not much to do to the cockpit, cut the headrest off the ejection seat then added a more detailed rest and around the cockpit added a few bits missing which should add a little detail once the canopy attached.

Had to completely remodel the front wheel bay, strange as the rear ones is perfect. Once the 2 pieces for the intake are joined, the bay looses alot of detail which was already lacking to begin with compared the what the other wheel bay looks like, at first i didn't really what to but turned out to be quite easy to scratch up a new one.

Start painting this now and then have a look into having the air brakes open.


亞斯蘭空軍第一狙擊手 said...

I'm still waiting for mine,really glad to see you to start working!



Ant Sized Man said...

Im sure when you get your you will model somw awesome unique schemes.