Sunday, 3 February 2013

ALIENS 1/144 - Colonial Marines - M577 APC -

ALIENS 1/144 - Colonial Marines - M577 APC - 1

Real simple resin kit bought of ebay of the APC. Should have really been completed months ago being such a simple kit ago but left on the shelf. Quite accurate being quite small, all the details are present from what i could tell.

Look forward to the day a 1/144 scale injection molded Dropship is produced and a new perfect APC to go inside.

ALIENS 1/144 - Colonial Marines - M577 APC - 2

Really easy to build and finish, filled in all the bubble holes in the resin, primed and painted, then droped, clean and fixed damage, primed, painted and then weathered.

ALIENS 1/144 - Colonial Marines - M577 APC - 3



chrismandesign said...

this tiny tank is so sweet !!! by the way, is it Aoshima ???... i was tempted by the USS Sulaco but it’s a bit out of my range rignt now... =/

nice work on a so iconic vehicle from an unique movie... =)

Dazzio said...

That is freaking sweet mate!! I always thought the APC was grey in colour?? Maybe my tv/eyes are really knackered. The drop ship would be a cool build :)


TonyG2 said...

Unless they did a further model, the only Dropship models I know of are

Halcyon styrene kit - 1/72
Aoshima die cast - 1/72
Fantastic Plastic resin kit - 1/144

Halsyon also did a 1/35 kit of the APC although there is a 1/72 resin kit.

Aoshima did a 1/72 diecast of the APC.

The Fantastic Plastic resin Dropship came with a 1/144 APC. This may be an APC that has been sold separately perhaps?

scott vanden bosch said...

Its a great model .. Looks like it was cast from the aliens APC made by Konami