Friday, 25 January 2013

Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - WiP - Vulcan cannons

Next Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - WiP 2 - Vulcan cannons

This the only major mod for Garma's Zaku II, the 4 Vulcan cannons. Took quite a bit of patience and more than enough time to drill each one in these correct position, had to walk away from it a few times knowing that if i rushed this i'd end up with a failure.

This is the original Char Zaku head with the paint striped off with the extra antenna which comes with the MS-06F. Really nifty looking antenna, for such a small piece its got alot of detail and something only ever seen on MSV.

Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" - WiP 1 - Vulcan cannons

Originally only going to drill out the holes and leave it at that but then found this holo tubing in the bit stash. Cut to about 2mm long, cut ALOT of pieces because i lost alot trying to fit them in each hole.

Patience is a virtue.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice attempt to Garma Zabi Custom Zaku II. Yup the 4 vulcans can be really challenging. Wonder will you add some gold paint to the MS at the later stage for the imperial look?

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers, only going to paint the heathawk gold for now, Dolza has alot of gold on his zaku but no realm plans to model that.