Thursday, 10 January 2013

Next Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" -

Next Real Grade - MS-06FS Zaku II "Garma Zabi Custom" -

Bought this HGUC kit purely for the custom giant heat hawk to model my next RG, Garma Zabi's personal MS-06FS Zaku II. A cross between the MS-06F + MS-06S for commanders.

Plan to model this using the green RG MS-06F as the main body with the backpack from Chars MS-06S. The head needs to have 4 vulcan cannons added which i know will be the trickiest part to achieve and i need to acquire a decal of the Zabi family emblem to display on the shield which i think ive tracked down on a old 1/144 Zaku Minelayer. (which i will then also model as a RG)

This what i hope to be the first of many MSV zakus to be modelled, looking forward to the new HGUC MS-06R High Maneuver Zaku II coming out soon which should be alot easier to adapt to the RG than the old versions from the 80's



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Some big Zaku plans I see! The double head vulcans on this Zaku is one if its uniqueness. Guess I will see some gold on this Zaku as well for some Zabi royalty treatment. Good luck with obtaining the emblem.

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers, the heat hawk gets the gol treatment just like all dictators bling up there weapons.