Friday, 24 August 2012

Tower of London

Tower of London - 1

Payed a visit to "Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress" or the Tower of London for short yesterday, can't remember visiting it properly since i was a wee lad but had a great few hour in the place.
The Crown Jewels are stored here too which are incredible! Over 45 tonnes worth of old and who know how many jewel.

The white tower above, the first original castle built by William the Conqueror in 1078, not personally.

Yeoman or better know as a "beef-eater" Simon giving a guided tour, very entertaining fellow.

Tower of London - 4

Grenadier Guard

Tower of London - 2

The second wall i think with Longhorn tower.

Tower of London - 6

 If the Raven's ever leave the tower, legend has it the Kingdom will fall. They ain't shy.

Tower of London - 15

Trebuchet in the old moat

Tower of London - 11

Various cannon and plenty of arms in the tower and grounds.

Tower of London - 5

No idea what theses parts are called but very medieval.

Tower of London - 9

Royal crown and flag on the top for all to see in the old days.

Tower of London - 8

From the south bank.

Tower of London - 12


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Dazzio said...

Very nice pictures there, it's weird that I only live 30 minutes from The Tower of London. Jump on the Fernchurch train, walk round to Tower Hill and it's there. We usually make a bee line for the Wagamamas that is there. Which gives a great view of the Tower actually. Hope you had fun there, the pictures look like it was a fun day, good weather too which is a shock. ;)