Thursday, 9 August 2012

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - WiP 9 - Decaled


Been adding the decals to my nearly finished Zaku I over the last week but really modelling has been one hold due to the Olympics. Just can't get enough of watching it all happening in London and just watched Bolt confirm himself as a legend keeping the 200m gold, guy is a legend!

Using the MS-06 as the base for MS-05 decal scheme which i simplified so that when displayed next to other RG Zakus they look like there from the same family or company manufacturing colony, Zeonic.

All parts just taken apart so i can give them all a last matt finish before the finish.

1 comment:

Daniel Foo said...

Loving that neat, neat finish there. Can't wait to see it completed.