Sunday, 15 April 2012

Revell 1/144 - Hawker Hunter FGA.9 - WiP 1 built and ready to prime

Revell 1/144 - Hawker Hunter FGA.9 - Box art

Kit which i reckon i bought soon after i started modelling 1/144 and for some reason never got around to building, probable due to my dislike of these sort of camo patterns on jets, just not a fan for some reason and really don't like how i can't get them to look correct when i paint them.

Very nice kit, looking almost perfect. When i first bought it i did a kit review but way back in 2009 for some reason i resized the photo (no idea why?) [Kit Review] - Revell 1/144 - Hawker Hunter FGA.9 -

Great little kit to build and up to the usually great standard of the Revell own kit over the last decade.

Added the intake detail which seems to be the only big feature missing from the kit, copied a 1/32 resin cockpit which i really very happy with and lowered some of the flaps.


Would paint soon but thinking of building a few other RAF jets with the same camo pattern and paint in one session.


Anonymous said...

Cool jet and really nice kit, but hard to find these days :(

Ant Sized Man said...

Yeah, Revell should really re-release this and there great Lightning

Koz_therefore said...

For BAC Lightning II, the same considerations apply as I am.
However, this year, Revell will release the F-16C.
I expect it very much.

By the way,I started a new blog in English version at Bloger.
Main contents is completion report.
Please watch that blog it is convenient to you.

Ant Sized Man said...

Yo Koz
Nice one on the english blog, means i can comment on your awesome models now, really have had no luck logging into