Monday, 9 April 2012

[Kit Review] - Attack / Jach 1/144 - MiG-15 UTI -

[Kit Review] - Attack / Jach 1/144  - MiG-15 UTI - Box art

Something that i picked up wondering what the 1/144 kits from Attack and or Jach are like. Found it to be a very expensive kit for what it is compared to say Revell, Sweet and Platz etc, with maybe half the detail. But then this was one of Attack first 1/144 releases and it look like there improving with each release which is mostly Soviet jet which Eduard have now started there new range with.

The kit itself seems to be in correct proportions with nice amount of panel lining but what i found strange is that this is a normal single seat MiG-15 supplied with the UTI duel cockpit which means cutting out the second seat behind the pilot to add a very chunky canopy, with no cockpit detail supplied at all. Nothing to worry about for a modeller but for the cost of this feels a little disappointing.

[Kit Review] - Attack / Jach 1/144  - MiG-15 UTI - Sprue + decals

Decided not to build the kit, think remodelling the F-toys Gasphon would be a better option if i wanted a MiG-15, feel this could be the worst review ive ever done, damn shame. But the decals are nice with 5 options.


Hristo Krumov said...

Hi there,

Been following your 1/144 aircraft works for some time now. I totally agree that the kit is overpriced for what one gets in the box. You usually pull-off next-to if not excelent results. Maybe it's worth giving this kit a shot and see if you like it. I know I did - twice!

All the best,

Ant Sized Man said...

Hello Hristo, i totally take back what i said. You did a great job on those MiG-15 that now i want to have a go at buiding my one.

Got any more 1/144 models to show?

Hristo Krumov said...


It is important saying that your blog got me started on the 1/144th scale in the first place. So far I've posted my Attack line which goes on like this:
MiG-17 type:

L-39ZA: (your blog is noted here)

Going small-scale I even did some Hasegawa 1/170s Hornets and Eagles and a 1/200th Skytrain as well - sure was fun.

Hope you enjoy your build!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Attack's MiG 15 and 17 are indeed their worst releases. Their later models are much, much better and do feature cockpit detail. Until Eduard came out with their MiG 21, Attack's was by far the best on the market and is IMHO still worth building.