Sunday, 22 May 2011

1/144 MiG-29 - Wanting to build 1, bought 3

Been wanting to build a Russian aircraft and there seams to be a real lack of good kits for the old soviet jet. Bought these 3 MiG 29's from DML Dragon, Revell and Academy one after the other hoping to get a better kit but alas all are so-so.

Best of the bunch is the Revell kit will be using the entire fuselage from that, the Dragon in Italeri for the European market boxing and Academy are on about the same level of detail, was expecting the Dragon to be the best but strangely not as good as the other Dragon kits i have.
Going to be using the landing gear, tails and weapons from the Dragon, they are the best and the Dragon does have a great selection of weapons which both the Revell and Academy lack.
Lastly the Academy, i will be using the canopy and decals, might also us the wheels.

Turns out to be a good thing i bought all 3 so that i can build maybe 1 or 2 decent MiG's got another Revell on the way.



WEI said...

hey ASM,

how do you know the level of detail is good enough on a kit?
do you compare between kits? or do you have some sort of reference?

sorry for the many NOB questions.:)

Dr Syn said...

I certainly prefered the Academy Kit over the Dragon Kit. If my foggy memory of 10 years ago serves me well.

亞斯蘭空軍第一狙擊手 said...

As I know about 1/144 MiG-29...

Tsukuda MiG-29,Japan
Delta MiG-29,Korea
Academy MiG-29,Korea
They are the same.

Mostly the same as upper 3 brands.

Like uppers but not the same and not good as others...

Anonymous said...

There is a fourth option: The Aoshima MiG-29, which is, to my knowledge, another rebranding of the Tsukunda kit. Unfortunately, none of the available kits get the shape of the original quite right. For example, the nose is too short and the wings are too small.

You cand find a very nice in progress report from a builder who corrected these mistakes on Check out the custom made decals and details!

By the way, Ant, haven't you built the Revell kit before?

Ant Sized Man said...

WEI- All that you said, compare to referances, book or web, comapre kits for level of detail and see what over modellers think of each kit.

Dr Syn - Surprised that both are over ten years old, lots of the migs warrant some new molds.

Kazama = Cheers for the info and i agree.

Anon - Cheers for all the info, built a Aoshima MiG-25 as my first kit and reckon the mig would be much the same, not very detailed think that mioght have been a crown re-issue.

Did build a Revell MiG-29 to test the new airbrush out on but it was straight built and quite bad as i but no attention into it, needed a lot putty but still think it is the better kit.