Thursday, 5 May 2011

1/144 HG - Gundam Ver.G30th to RGM-79 - GM conversion. - WIP 2


Getting more done on the GM, doing all the easy parts right now.

Cockpit - Cut out what was meant to be the core booster and added the simple GM cockpit, added a little detail which is shown in the GM Archive mook.

Head - Is from the Hardgraph Gundam Ground War Set and is going to be the modified ground GM head, think it is the best looking GM head available. Started removing some of the intakes and forehead protrusion, hoping it will look like a normal GM head but a little more real. Like how the 1/1 gundam looks more real than what appears in the anime.

Legs and Arms - Marked off what will need to be removed and changed into the more streamlined guards, thats going to take alot of putty and sanding.

Still alot to do, got really changed the waist, GM is really different to Gundam there and still so much work on the head and legs.

A long term project which i hope i don't get to distracted by Zeon suits.


Lagrange1 said...

I love your works man... looking forward to this custom GM!

I envy that you can finish your models a lot quicker...

Ant Sized Man said...

Not sure im that fast and not compared to some of the Japanese modellers, you seen those guys pump out a masterpiece in under a month. I got stuff over a year old waiting to be finished like the Rick Dom.

Lagrange1 said...

I agree on the Japanese... I think most of them (pros) average 3 models in 2 months... and they're customized with so much detail in 1/144...

(The fastest I can do is 1 in 3 months...)

anyways... really looking forward to this custom GM!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I really love to see you doing up this GM with conversion parts. I recently did a Gundam Ver G30th with a friend but never know there's conversion parts for it. I currently have the HGUC GM and has yet to fix it.