Saturday, 16 April 2011

Venus Wars

One of the animes ive wanted to watch since the early 90's, not actually knowing what is was until i watched it. Back during the 90's when i was a wee lad anime was released but Manga Entertainment (yep anime company releasing anime but called after the comics?) and all the old VHS tapes would come with awesome intros previewing cool new anime. Which every anime fan would watch over and over again because of how awesome they were, corrupting the tapes by pausing and rewinding.

Love this video below, my favorite which has Venus Wars included also Fist f the Northern Star, Akira, A-ko, Tank Police and not sure but think the other is Odin? Back then i thought anime from Japan was only sci-fi and extreme violence (had to watch this stuff at my friends house who parents worked late, my mother would never let me watch this stuff)

Anyway Venus Wars is OK, nothing special really, has cool tanks, sweet one wheeled motorbikes and OK action with a story is is meh. Watch it if you want a sci-fi anime fix without having to think.



Rafys78 said...

I use to own all the anime you mention in VHS. Hihihi...god knows where it went.

Venus Wars is a cool anime. Love the animation, love the story. Particularly love the mono-bike. Wonder if they have a scale moddel of thos...?
Those anime still considered the best among animes. Especially Fist of the North Star. Aaaaaaa TaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTa!!!

Janus Lu said...

This is classic! I still remember my first time bought the A-Club magazine, there was a review of this anime and I fell in love with it! Cool! :)