Sunday, 17 April 2011

Master Archive Mobilesuit - Earth Ferderation Force RGM-79 GM

Another new mook in the Master collection from GA Graphic but this time from Gundam and what a great one to start with the GM. While all the Macross mooks are Master File, looks like Gundam gets Master Archive and it certainly is. A section on all the GM's in the Universal Century from the original Gundam up to Double Zeta with the GM III. 130 pages of mecha goodness.

First page has the contents and cool image of GM , like how the shields floating next to him while being refueled above Earth.


Not so many photos as the Macross Master File has but still has lots.


Decided im going to model a GM just like this, seems like most parts are similar to 1/1 Gundam.


Every GM has it own section starting like this, the original GM has about 20 pages with each dedicated to each part of it body.


All about the Type C.


Nice one sheet of the Type C, as a cold weather type?


Ah, the GM Ground Type which makes the awesome sniper, will eventually model that too.


Cool photo page, one of the best MSV at the bottom, the GM Cannon and a Type C duel wielding bazookas!


Small but still interesting section on the GM Cannon, would be great to get a HG kit of this or a conversion kit.


As with the Macross Master File, the last 8 -10 pages are color or colour variations.


None of the scheme ive seen before, think the original red, torso with either the grey, blue and white body is best.


Very cool mook, one the front cover has Volume One so i reckon a Zaku version has got to be next, notice there the VF-25 coming soon too!


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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I had the same book as you and that's an archive not to be missed for a GM guy like me. It's really inspiring for me to build more GM Gunpla.