Saturday, 26 March 2011

Space Battleship Yamato - Season 2

Just finished what was a awesome anime. Watched the video above to see what is all about expect with 70's animation not super modern CG, this cm for a pachinko game and is why i wanted to watch Space Battleship Yamato. Its awesome!

First Yamato season was about th ship pn on a super long voyage to save the Earth, but season 2 is about is the White Comet Empire invading the entire Milky Way Galaxy heading straight for Erath as it the most beautiful planet with only the Earth Defense Force and  there beuatiful battleship able to fight the good fight.

Some of the best looking spaceships or space battleship ive ever seen, so sleek and sexy in reall great set peice battles. I want some! especially the Andromeda, which looks so damn good. Check out the Earth Fleet below, that is what season 2 is about.

Next are some movies, season 3 and then final yamto., wonder how this can be outdone?


chrismandesign said...

definitely i must see all this series =O... at least i hav some figures & some battle ships r on the way...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The clip is awesome and really close to the CGI of the live-action movie I watched a few days ago. This is a great anime similar to Macross.