Sunday, 27 March 2011

Gundam HG 1/144 - MS-09R Rick Dom - Re-painted, decaled and ready to be finished.

It maybe be pink (i reckon light purple) but you ain't going to argue with a mecha who has 2 bazookas!

Repainted in what i think is the much better colour, 50/50 purple and white which it a tad darker than pink which i almost used. Kept the decasl simple compared to the zaku i built, even though i really like all the warning signs i think that maybe on this HG model it might look a but too busy but looking awesome on new the RG mecha.

Next up which i recently just finished is a final matt coat, then to re-assemble and see what it looks like finished. Maybe some weathering but getting the felling i quite like the clean look with this one.

In a weeks time i will have thris finished photos up i hope.



chrismandesign said...

well, now that u show this... is better this lavender colour scheme =)... also the rest of the painted details added makes it nicer than it was... i will b waiting for the pics of the finished work =O

yoshi said...

I really love what you did with the foot thrusters! I'm currently working on an MG version of Rick Dom so you are inspiring me to the same for mine :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Filled me with lot of anticipation and the colours are great so far!