Sunday, 12 December 2010

Revell 1/144 - F-104 Ferrari Starfighter - WIP 2 - Decaled

Revell 1/144 - F-104 Starfighter - WIP 4 - Decaled

All decaled and only needing to add a few bit and have ago at detailing the Spanish starfighters cockpit.

Last thing ive done was a panel wash, which looks really good on the grey one and just enough on the red to make it look less bright.

Using the Airfix decals was great, very fine, unlike what ive heard about them.


koz said...

Spanish StarFighter have high contrast,it is So Cute!

Originally,Italian Red is not Bright,I think.
I saw Original Italian Red in AlfaRomeo's Official Museum.It is near Blood Red.

So,if you make StarFighter next time,I encourage you to recreate night running light.
It is not difficult,but so looks nice.

Ant Sized Man said...


In the photo the red is really alot brighter than it actually is.

Do you mean put LED in the plane? that would be very cool.

koz said...

LED is cool!but,So difficult for me.

My recreating way is...

1. Make a hole with 0.5mm drill.
2. Drop Silver paint in to the hole .
3. Drop 0.4mm Stainless-steal ball,If you have.
4. Fill up the hole with clear bond.
5. Over!!

Ant Sized Man said...

Great idea, will go looking for some ball bearings, have been look for tiny little fake jewels but have found nothing small enough.