Sunday, 19 December 2010

F-toys 1/144 - Aichi E13A "Jake" - Complete

F-toys 1/144 - Aichi E13A "Jake" - Complete - 1
Finished remodel of a very nice little kit from F-toys the "Navy Type Zero Reconnaissance Seaplane" or Jake for short.
Wanted it to be a nice quick build and it was, will remember next time to add a bit more filler to the join between the fuselage and wings, thought it was fine until i gave to a panel line wash. Really gave her a good weathering too, wanted to get rid of the very clean shine i had when i first thought she was finished.

F-toys 1/144 - Aichi E13A "Jake" - Complete - 2

The decals which came with the Minicraft kit where very poor, wonder what the newer Minicraft kit decals are like, some nice option with those.

Been looking for reference about this actual floatplane and had no luck finding out about "omi 5" ?

F-toys 1/144 - Aichi E13A "Jake" - Complete - 3


chrismandesign said...

this is still a nice kit, bearing in mind it’s a fast-build one... as i dunno bout the original airplane, i couldn’t say if it has a lack of detail (i see not many panel lines there), but ur personalization gives it an special "feeling"...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Like you had mentioned, the quick fix plane is quite small but in overall, the plane does seems rather detail.