Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Starship Operators

Quite a good watch i just finished, short at only 13 episodes but good that it leaves you wanting more. Basic plot is about a bunch of military cadets (mostly gals) who decide to operate there starships and fight an a empire whose taken control of the home planet that surrendered instead of fight.

One of the real themes of the show is that to fund there resistances they get a TV show broadcast showing them waging war, sometimes live which give the enemy great intel or so they think. Copying what on British television at the moment which i endless reality TV, which i can't stand but at least there Doctor Who.

Would say the animation could have been better, made in 2005 when alot of anime had gone digital. Unlike now where it looks good, when it was first started happening in the early 2000's i felt that the anime had lost something which attracted me to it in the first place. CG mecha and starships instead of beautifully drawn ink and paint like Macross Plus.


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LEon said...

you got a point there. hand drawn is really an art.