Sunday, 14 November 2010

[Kit Review] - Revell 1/144 - F-104 Starfighter -

Next build -  Revell F-104 Starfighter
Next build is going to be the "Pencil" or "Missile with a man in it" or due to its safety record "Widowmaker" or "Flying Coffin"

Got a whole bunch of the Revell kits  but first going to build 2 with decals from the Airfix kit, which is a crown re-issue. The nifty looking Ferrari Starfighter and a Spanish Air Force jet, later a two-seater NASA chaser, USAF silver bird and  then maybe a German or Norwegian F-104.
Revell F-104 Starfighter - Sprues


Anonymous said...

So many Starfighters so little time. The Italian one seems to be the pick of the bunch when it comes to the markings i guess.

koz said...


I watch your blog every day.
Your models is so cool!
I like Rafle in particular.

I made F-104G and TF-104G in the last month.
That were colored in Ferrari and NASA.

Please,See it.

I'm looking forward to You 104s.

Ant Sized Man said...

Ano - Can't resist a wicked red ferrari and thism oner flys.

Yo Koz, ive been following your blog too!
Your cockpits are top quality on the 104 anf your Grippen is a great build im following.

Thanks for the comment, really a big fan of the Japanese modellers and Project 144.

Your NASA dio was sweet.

spejic said...

The Revell's kit's fit is perfection in all parts except the cockpit, which has tricky to fill gaps all over.

But the seat is probably the best I've seen in 1/144.