Sunday, 19 September 2010

Remodeled and repainted F-toys 1/144 - RAF Spitfire Vb - Completed


The  F-toys 1/144 - RAF Spitfire Vb from the wing legends collection which i remodeled and then repainted. Took apart, built a new cockpit then glued back together, seams filled then repainted and decaled using spares from a Minicraft kit. Spitfire depicted is from a Polish squadron which i quite like the look of.

F-toys spitfire is a fine kit but really am looking forward to a proper injection or resin kit instead of this display toy, wings look far to chunky and could do with finer details. Still great to get a spitfire in the collection as its the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain where the Spitfire became a British Legend.

"Designed by a Genius, Built by Craftsmen, Flown by Heroes"




Looking at the photo, i realised i forgot to do some weathering with the Tamiya set.


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